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Is There A Doctor In The House?

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Say Hello to 1st Taylors Lakes Venturer Scouts at the inaugural Trivia Night – sci-fi themed of course 😀   We were rather chuffed to donate the above blanket as their major raffle prize, and by all accounts it was a very popular item! So much so that we could have quite a few orders [...]

On My Soapbox

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  I’ve been stewing over this post for a while, and I don’t want to come across as narky…. BUT…… Have you noticed that a lot of times when you find an article or compilation post that looks like it will be a great read and you go to the link and just after the [...]

Fit for a Princess

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Some things just make you stop in your tracks, have tears threaten, and make you offer up a thanks for how lucky you are. Today’s post is about one of those things.   I was up to my eyeballs in baby gift projects, birthday gift projects, and ideas that demanded exploring. Plus writing a free [...]

Seaside Dreams Blanket

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Sometimes, just sometimes (HA!), I have these crazy thoughts where I can do stuff that is probably outside my skill set or experience level. And that is how this piece of loveliness came about. It all began with learning to crochet. And feeling invincible. Also being slightly insane. Anyhoo…. About a month after I learnt [...]

Coming Up For Air

So here we are, two weeks into 2015… I’m not a resolution maker but I do like to reflect on the year that has past, and what I would like to come next. My “theme” for 2014 seems to have been finding My Abilities. Learning new skills, dusting off old ones. Giving the brain a [...]