Coming Up For Air

Mystery Item

Can’t tell you what this is, but I can assure you my hooks are busy!

So here we are, two weeks into 2015… I’m not a resolution maker but I do like to reflect on the year that has past, and what I would like to come next.

My “theme” for 2014 seems to have been finding My Abilities. Learning new skills, dusting off old ones. Giving the brain a good workout. And also giving it a rest at times. Lots of thoughts about Who and What and How I want to be Tulipstitch and the best way to incorporate that into my life. Still haven’t nutted everything out, I expect there will be a lot of falling over and getting up again yet to go through.

That leads to: What do I want for 2015? More fun with my family. More creating. More sharing what I’m creating! More learning. More developing the identity of Tulipstitch. That should do for starters, whatcha think?

Also a heads up – posts about what I created LAST last year are coming up very soon!

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