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I’ve been stewing over this post for a while, and I don’t want to come across as narky…. BUT……

Have you noticed that a lot of times when you find an article or compilation post that looks like it will be a great read and you go to the link and just after the site loads you are suddenly (infuriatingly!) taken away from the site by an ad? Makes. Me. So. Mad.

Let me tell you a bit about thise ads:

  1. The site owner receives a payment from the advertiser every time you are redirected
  2. Nothing you do (apart from not going to that site) can prevent you from being redirected
  3. Hitting the back tab will not let you stay on the original site

I have a HUGE dislike of this practice, as a site visitor, as a former website designer/developer (betcha didn’t know that!), and as a website and business owner.

The message this practice sends is that the website owner values advertising revenue above the goodwill and patronage of site visitors – who are potential or current customers. In my opinion This. Is. Not. Good. Enough.


So here’s the deal at Tulipstitch:

No ads

In any form

Not ever


And that means no “paid to review” or “commercial agreements” either. If a product is recommended on this site it is because we love it. Materials used in projects will be named (where possible or practical) and linked to the suppliers website BUT all materials are purchased by us and at our discretion.


Would love to know your thoughts about this, go for it in the comments below 🙂



Totally agree! And I hate when you are reading something and there are tons of adds interrupting the text (especially moving adds and adds with sound)!

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