Seaside Dreams Blanket

Seaside Dreams Blanket Point Detail
Seaside Dreams Blanket

My first #NeverEndingProject completed and ready for its new home

Sometimes, just sometimes (HA!), I have these crazy thoughts where I can do stuff that is probably outside my skill set or experience level. And that is how this piece of loveliness came about.

It all began with learning to crochet. And feeling invincible. Also being slightly insane. Anyhoo….

About a month after I learnt the very basics of crochet an idea reared its head. My Mum’s birthday at that point was 5 months away. I wanted to learn new techniques and get lots of practice. What better than making a star-shaped blanket!! Well, I tells ya – this nearly defeated me several times. I restarted it THREE times until I had the shaping right. (Use a pattern? Pfffffffffft!) I frogged (unpulled) 14 rows at one point, 4 rows at another. I cursed it. I stomped and muttered. I wrestled it off my toddlers on a nearly daily basis (“Stop touching Grandma’s blanket or else!”). But slowly it grew and grew, eating up 6 balls of Panda Carnival in Surprise with the edging in Panda Magnum Soft in Natural. And took four, that’s right, four months. Okay, so there were breaks in there and I worked on other projects at the same time, but FOUR months!!!

Seaside Dreams Blanket Mid-point

“Look down and you may miss a shooting star in the sky. Look up and you may miss a starfish in the sand. But quick, look straight ahead and tell me what is that big, blurry thing that’s so bright? Oh yeah, that’s my love for you.”
― Jarod Kintz

Seaside Dreams Blanket Keeps Progressing

Yep, that #NeverEndingProject just kept going….

Seaside Dreams Blanket Details

So many rows…..

Seaside Dreams Blanket Edging

At last the edging begins

Seaside Dreams Blanket Finished

Ahhhhh, the last stitch……

Seaside Dreams Blanket in Full

Bigger than expected – spread across a queen size bed

So, back to the story. Eventually I was finished, having learnt increases, decreases, picot edging, and a whack of patience 🙂 Then I had to wait until my Mum’s birthday. In between was Christmas and I could see she thought it funny when other family members received gifts I had crocheted and she didn’t get anything handmade. Heeheehee I can be a sneaky thing. And when finally gifted, she LOOOOOOVED it. Mum always likes to holiday -by the water but now with their itsy-bitsy Winnebago named Old Betty they may not always stay by the sea. With this blanket she has the seaside with her on all their travels. And lots of Grandbaby hugs were squeezed into it by my toddlers.

And that is that. A Seaside Dreams Blanket. Hope you like it!



I love this colours together! And the edging looks really lovely!

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